Call us Today: 305-780-6322 Se Habla Español

Call us Today: 305-780-6322 Se Habla Español

  • I cannot describe my gratitude for my lawyer Marcia Hansen , she have all the qualities that you may expect when you are going to though difficult times : understanding human being and Top professional who can find the best solution for your problem at the most cost effective price.

    Posted by Previous Client on September 16, 2016

  • Ms. Hansen was extremely professional and kept me well informed on all aspects of the case. She came to me highly recommended and lived up to and exceeded the expectations.

    Posted by Daniel on June 15, 2016

  • I have worked with Marcia on several cases and I have found her to be extremely professional, a persistent fighter for her clients, and customer-service oriented. She has always provided my referred clients with excellent representation.

    Posted by Fernando M. Socol on June 15, 2016

  • Marcia has proven to be an excellent asset for my clients and their legal needs. She is a superb lawyer and a trusted friend. I offer her my strongest endorsement.

    Posted by Erick on June 15, 2016

  • I recently worked with Marcia on a landlord tenant dispute where my former landlord was trying to keep our security deposit with no legitimate justification. I sent Marcia all of the evidence and she sent the landlord’s attorney a Demand Letter requesting our full security deposit back or we would take them to court.
    It took about 3-4 weeks but Marcia got us back our entire security deposit and we are extremely happy with her and her services. I would recommend Marcia Hansen to anyone seeking an attorney.

    Posted by Monte on June 15, 2016

  • I was very grateful to Mrs. Hansen for taking my call even as she was getting through a horrible cold. Although I had done my research prior to resourcing to her; with my brief explanation and facts in hand Mrs. Hansen was able to assess my case quickly. Her knowledge of landlord-tenant law was keen and although it was unfortunate for us to hear there could be no legal way to solve our matter; her explanation and briefing gave us better options to move forward. When I asked how much I owed her for the call; she said “Don’t worry, it’s nothing”. Thank you for taking your time to deal with a frustrated and hard working community member because it just reflects on your character and how committed you are to your profession, fellow man and your community. We thank God he put you in our path. God Bless.

    Posted by Annie on June 15, 2016

  • Fantastic support and guidance from Marcia during a delicate and stressful problem I had with two properties. Marcia was always caring about my case and available to answer inquires and doubts which was particularly difficult living in a 12 hours difference to Miami time zone. She is extremely helpful and patient to analyze and explain in detail all the available alternatives. She also has a remarkable ability to put complex technical jargon into plain everyday English (which was decisively helpful in my case with English as second language). Highly recommended; she is a trustable, honest and extremely skilled attorney.

    Posted by Client on June 15, 2016

  • She quickly summarized my case, our options and achieved a satisfactory settlement with minimal cost. Very professional and very efficient.

    Posted by ALLEN on June 15, 2016

  • I retained Marcia for a landlord/tenant issue after countless consultations with other attorneys who had no interest in the case and/or wanted a ridiculous retainer. Marcia has represented me for the past 7 months and the case is now closed in my favor. I strongly recommend Marcia for any of your legal needs!

    Posted by Katia on June 15, 2016

  • Marcia Hansen is a wonderful lawyer. She is professional, honest, responsible and nice. She helped me when I was in a very difficult situation. I really appreciate her services.

    Posted by Client on June 15, 2016

  • I hired Marcia to help me with what ended up being an eviction case. Marcia was very thorough in explaining options and potential outcomes. She was very profess explaining her approach, followed through on the case and any questions I had. In terms of fees she had no intention of proposing a course of action where she probably would have collected more fees. She was very honest in suggested the approach that met my needs in terms of outcome and cost for her services.

    Posted by Client on June 15, 2016

  • Excellent Client Experience

    When I contacted lawyer Marcia Hansen for the first time I had to deal with a distressing situation, she was very objective and precise in her opinions and explained how she was going to handle the case and the probable results, and that’s how it all happened. She was always available when I needed to ask an additional question, at any time. Lawyer Marcia Hansen is an excellent and dedicated professional, conveys tranquility without losing objectivity, it is absolutely recommended, I am very grateful to have had her professional assistance.

    Posted by Daniel Gil on February 20, 2017

  • Marcia was helpful, in that she listened to our concerns and then referred us to an appropriate specialist attorney to then manage the various issues we raised with her.

    Posted by Anonymous on February 17, 2017

  • Injury claim

    Ms. Hansen handled my situation knowledgeably and efficiently. She used her experience with personal injury claims to draft a strategy that allowed for a prompt and fair resolution of the claim. I felt informed and engaged throughout the process.

    Posted by Natasha on February 17, 2017

  • The best Lawyer

    She delivers what she promises.

    Posted by Oksana on February 10, 2017

  • Clear and precise. Gave me good options and guidance.

    Posted by Juan on February 10, 2017

  • Very Professional , good communications

    Maria Hansen has helped me with several commercial Landlord tenant issues for Hampton Business Center Executive suites, Hansen was always very professional, very good communications, always responded to my emails and questions in a promptly manner. She also helped solve a case where squatters get into my investor home, and she did all the legal work, from start to finish. She uses an excellent attorneys tool called “MyCase” that is very convenient to upload all the case information, keep the information update, responses, and makes interacting very easy. She is an excellent lawyer and she will handle your case fast and very responsible, I will recommend her, also prices very reasonable for the experience and results. Very good attorney.

    Posted by Fernando D.C on February 10, 2017


    This action wasn’t for myself but for my grandson. I met Ms. Hansen outside a courtroom and struck up a conversation with her. She was easy to talk with and I found her to be very knowledgeable in legal matters, particularly the issue involving my grandson. I felt she would be the perfect attorney to help in this matter. I was only expecting the case to be sealed, but she was successful in having it expunged. I could not be happier with her legal help.

    Posted by Anonymous on February 10, 2017

  • Truly Excellent Attorney

    A couple of months ago my wife and I hired Marcia to help us out with what was a nightmare situation with our rental home (ceiling collapsed without warning, causing damage to our belongings, exposing mold problems throughout the house, and making us feel unsafe there especially with our infant child) and our landlords (who delayed in performing any repairs, mostly refused to acknowledge the problems, refused to reimburse us for any of our property damage, and were generally intolerable to deal with). I am actually an attorney myself but after it became clear that our landlords had no interest in treating us fairly or acting reasonably, we realized we needed to hire a real expert in landlord/tenant law, which is not my particular focus of practice.
    We found Marcia initially through Avvo, checked out some of her credentials through Google searches and her firm’s website, and ultimately called her up on the phone to see how we felt about her. From day one, we felt like we would be in great hands. And in hindsight, we were right.
    Marcia was knowledgable about the law but also provided insightful advice from a practical standpoint. Her billing rates were extremely reasonable given her experience and the value of her services. She was very responsive throughout our dispute with our landlords, was calm and reassuring when we started to feel despondent, and ultimately she secured what we viewed to be a very good “settlement” with our landlords.
    Mind you, I think some other attorneys may have pushed us to file a lawsuit (we would have had a very strong case had we gone to court, though it’s always a risk), which would surely have meant thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees, but Marcia actually convinced me – quite rightly, in hindsight – that a quick settlement would be our best option, even though it meant less money for her. Of course that may not always turn out to be the case, but in our case she was totally right, and we’re glad we had Marcia on our side.
    I would recommend Marcia without hesitation. Having now been on both sides of legal disputes – as an attorney myself, and as a client in this instance – I feel that I really understand how stressful things can be when you reach the point in any life circumstance where you feel the need to seek out legal counsel. Marcia is as fine an attorney as I’ve ever worked with, and I think any client of hers should feel reassured that they have a strong advocate, and smart advisor, on their side.

    Posted by Abe on November 6, 2016

  • Excellent attorney

    I cannot describe my gratitude for my lawyer Marcia Hansen , she have all the qualities that you may expect when you are going to though difficult times : understanding human being and Top professional who can find the best solution for your problem at the most cost effective price

    Posted by Assistance On Call on September 14, 2016