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How Do You Find a Good Lawyer for Eviction?

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An old friend recently emailed me to talk about a situation he was having with his work. He owns an apartment complex in California and has already had to evict two of his tenants so far this year. For him, that is an unusually high number, though he has gone through the process before. Unfortunately, the attorney that he had hired to help him with those evictions hadn’t left a very good impression on him. Long story short, the attorney was almost impossible to get on the phone. He or she (my friend didn’t say if the attorney was a man or a woman) did not handle the evictions professionally, to say the least.

“I don’t want this to happen again, but I’m not sure how to find a good lawyer for eviction without calling every law office in town. Do you have any advice?” my friend asked in the email. I’m glad that he asked.

Eviction is a difficult reality for rental property owners. And if you’re here, it’s probable that you are having a problem with one of your tenants. Now that you’re thinking of evicting one of your tenants, there’s a question you should ask: how do you find a good lawyer for eviction? As my friend pointed out, sifting randomly through phone numbers for lawyers that handle evictions as part of their practice isn’t the most efficient way to find the one that is the best fit for your situation. Your rental business isn’t going to run itself, so you need to get this right quickly.

Here are a few qualities you should look for in an evictions attorney:

Does Your Lawyer for Eviction Only Practice Real Estate Law?

When you’re going through with an eviction, you want to know that your attorney has the necessary experience to protect you and your business. Additionally, attorneys that practice other areas of law besides real estate law may not be ideal because they’re spread too thin.

Do You Get Along?

This quality depends on both you and your chosen attorney. You will, of course, have to meet with the attorney before you can tell whether the relationship will work, but if the attorney checks off other aspects that you like, you will want to meet with him or her anyway.

Do They Communicate Clearly and Promptly?

Any stressful legal situation requires prompt, clear communication. When you meet with your attorney for the first time, make sure to discuss the best way to get in touch with them. If you tell them your expectations of how often you expect to hear from them during the eviction process, there should be no problem.

Are They Local to the Area?

The final item on our list is perhaps the most important. When you’re evicting a tenant, you want to be sure that your attorney understands the laws regarding real estate in your city. The reason your attorney should work in your area is the simple fact that laws vary from place to place.

If you need help with an eviction, call HLF Real Estate Law. Our expertise in real estate law is at your service