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Call us Today: 305-780-6322 Se Habla Español

Hlf real estate law

About HLF Real Estate Law

HLF Real Estate Law is a law firm founded on the principles of integrity, accountability and perseverance. Over 15 years ago, Marcia Hansen began her career fighting for the underdog in the Miami Dade Public Defender’s Office, one of the most competitive and busy, criminal defense offices in the nation. There, she learned the value of perseverance in fighting for the client’s rights, integrity in her own dealings with prosecutors and judges and accountability to their client’s and other lawyers.

Embodied by these principles, HLF Real Estate Law has garnered success with each and every client they have represented, whether it be in extensive and complex litigation or the simple drafting of a contract to protect the future rights of their clients.

Simply put in the words of a previous client:

“Your firm has provided excellent service and we will highly recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel. We talk about you all the time and how you saved us from that terrible nightmare.”

 HLF Real Estate Law is ready, able and dedicated to begin fighting for you, your family, friends and colleagues in the pursuit of your legal defenses and rights. Do not hesitate, and contact the firm before it is too late.